RTB200 Rahimafrooz Tall Tubular Battery


RTB200 Rahimafrooz Tall Tubular Battery

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Product Info:

The Tall Tubular Battery (TTB) is a traditional tubular plate flooded battery which offers long operating life. This range is mostly suited for all standby power application that require highest levels of reliability and security.

Features and Benefits:
Special alloy composition reduces the gassing and frequent topping up of electrolyte in turns makes the battery almost maintenance free.
High pressure casted spine grid with improved corrosion resistance capability.
Advanced grid design improves the adherence of active material makes the battery corrosion resistance and ensures longer life of battery.
Tubular positive plate with prolonged cycle life.
Special curing process reduces the active material shedding and increases the life of battery in rough condition.
Explosive-proof with special designed ceramic vent plug.
Manufactured with new, advanced and world class European and USA machineries.
First time in South Asia use of advanced Acid Circulation System (ACS) for achieving best quality battery charging to avoid cell to cell, even battery to battery, Voltage or Electrolyte Sp. Gr. variation.
First time in Bangladesh use of modern methodology of Lead testing by ICP-OES for best impurity control.
Robust design of Rope Handle for easy lifting.

Positive Plate- Ca-Pb alloy with advanced thick grid design.
Negative Plate- Ca-Pb alloy with advanced thick grid design.
Separator- Low Internal Resistance Glass Matte PE GM Separator.
Electrolyte- High purity sulfuric acid tested by ICP-OES.
Vent Plug- Specially construct ceramic floating vent plug for electrolyte level monitoring

Standard Complied:


Maintenance Tips:
Avoid flames, spark & smoking near the battery.
To obtain optimum service life out of the battery avoid deep discharge cycle.
Battery needs sufficient recharge after every discharge.
Use insulated tool while working on battery.
Use protective goggles & hand gloves when working on battery.
Top up cell with De-Mineralized (DM) water only, never add acid.
Electrolyte level to maintain to the prescribed level

Float Type Vent Plug:
The electrolyte level is identifiable at a glance by the float indicator from above as it clearly indicates the safe electrolyte level by the identification mark..
Maintenance is easy and simple.


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