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Brand GMAC
Model No. CSB10H 12/24VDC
AC Input Voltage Range 90~286Vac
AC Input Frequency 40~70Hz
Battery Type Select Manual Recognition
Charging Efficiency ≥80%
DC Output Voltage
Coding switch settings Fast/Float (*2 For 24Vmodel, *3 For 36Vmodel, *4 For 48Vmodel)
(0,1) 12.2Vdc/12.0Vdc
(1,0) 13.8Vdc/13.6Vdc
(1,1) 14.2Vdc/13.6Vdc
(0,0) 14.4Vdc/13.8Vdc
DC Output Current
Max Charging Adjustable
Rated Current 75Amp/40Amp
Current De-Rating By Input Voltage 1: 184-286Vac 100% Rated Current
2: 90-184Vac 50% Rated Current
Current De-Rating By Temperature If the temperature of Heat Sink is over 90, the Charger Current will be derated to 50%; when the temperature drops to 75, the Charger Current will be returned to 100%;
Battery Temperature Sensor BTS-Optional remote Battery temperature sensor for increased charging precision
Protection Over Temperature, Over Charging Current, Over/Under Charging Voltage;
Display 3-LED
Cooling Smart fan control (Control by Heat Sink temperature, Charging Current)
Operation temperature -10°C to 40°C
Storage conditions Temperature -20°C to 80°C
Dimension (D x H x W) 261*160*70(mm)
Net Weight 2.65Kg


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