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Product details of AUTOMATIC HAND DRYER, (Heavy Duty).

  • CURRENT : 8.2 A
  • 220 V-50Hz
  • Induction Distance : 5 cm- 15 cm



(1). Automatic operation : When double hands are under air vent , warm wind will blow out automatically so as to prevent from bacterial infection.

(2). Electricity saving: When hands leave the induction scope , this machine automatically stops work so as to effectively save energy.

(3). Inside high temperature protection: When infrared induction is blocked for a long time or blower fan has a break down , or the inside has a high temperature , this protective device automatically stops work.

(4). Unique appearance: It can be freely , prevent from the accumulation of dust and spray , and make your hands extend unrestrainedly.

(5). Simple installation: Inside lock lets you install more simply and convenient.

(6). Shockproof and ultravioler-ray-resistanc shell: Adopt 100% imported high quality plastic,which can resist both strongest shock matters and ultraviolet ray so as to keep the shell bright and durable.

(7). High power and Low noise: 54 db noise and 1800 W high power

Specifications of AUTOMATIC HAND DRYER, (Heavy Duty).

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